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Abstracts base submission period is officially closed. However if you have questions email, especially if you had difficulty getting your abstract uploaded or you were waiting on client approval, etc.

Please join us for PNCWA2018, the 2018 Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in Boise, Idaho, Oct. 21-24, 2018. This annual conference is the region’s largest water quality educational event! It is abstract time for this year’s technical program and the conference theme is:

An Old Industry in a New Era: Business Opportunities for the Next 50 Years

The sewer industry has been around, and it has the aged assets to prove it. Add the ongoing pressure from regulatory challenges and growth and there is a significant need to set up the business to survive the next 50 years. The industry must be creative, reevaluate our foundational strength, and evolve.

This year we are especially interested in sharing knowledge related to improving our business practices with everything from how we operate the plant, implement technologies, leverage our data, or plan our future investments. More specifically, technical areas where we are seeking abstracts related to this include:

  • Facility Operations and Maintenance (think operator ingenuity! Doing more with less.)
  • Collection and Conveyance (how has your program evolved to tackle the steep replacement curve on the horizon?)
  • Stormwater (clever approaches, long term durable solutions, wet weather challenges)
  • Wastewater Treatment Processes (EBNR, advanced treatment, solids management, process modeling)
  • Resource Management (we are stewards of water, nutrients, and energy. Recovery and conservation approaches for our resources)
  • Innovation (what disruptive technologies are on the horizon or what have you piloted recently?)
  • Regulatory Challenges (TMDL, ECC, what are the pressing regulatory issues and what do we anticipate to be pressing in 2028 and 2038)
  • Utility Management (what is your financing strategy, clever capital programs, contracting methods, and have you reached out to your community to meet your goals)
  • Asset Management (how are you using your data? CMMS, IT, SCADA, predictive maintenance? We have so much data to take advantage of.)
  • Leadership (workforce development and retention, the value of human capital, the generational hand off)

If you have an interesting subject that does not readily fit into the program topics please submit it anyway. We don’t want to miss out on hearing about an exciting opportunity to learn!

Please consider the following requests when submitting your abstracts for consideration:

  • Limit abstracts to 300 words and be concise in the title (75-character title is the max)
  • Include a brief resume of all presenters (not all authors).
  • Use good old fashioned normal formatting. Do not use all caps, etc.
  • Notification of selections will occur in early May.
  • Selected speakers are required to develop the abstract into 30-minute presentations and expect 10 minutes of Q&A.
  • Electronic copies of accepted presentations will be collected at the conference.
  • Presenters are expected to register for the conference and pay all applicable registration and preparation fees.
  • Less than 2/3 of the submitted abstracts are normally selected for the program.  

We look forward to receiving and considering your abstract. If you have any questions please contact Mike Rainey at or me at

Shawn P Wilson, City of Boise
PNCWA2018 Technical Program Chair

Submit abstracts here.

Download Call for Abstracts

Never had an abstracts accepted at PNCWA? Watch an 8 minute presentation on best practices for submitting an abstractAbstract Best Practices