Residuals and Biosolids Committee

The Residuals and Biosolids Committee is focused on the development of best practices for conveyance, stabilization, thickening, dewatering and storage of wastewater solids and for the beneficial reuse of biosolids, nutrients and biogas produced during the treatment process.

We provide workshops, seminars, and other opportunities to advance members' knowledge of all aspects of solids processing. We have developed a pre-conference workshop for the 2016 Annual Conference, titled “Considerations for High Performance Anaerobic Digestion (HPAD)”. We have also developed a PNCWA white paper on biosolids in conjunction with Northwest Biosolids Management Association (NBMA), focusing on considerations for the evaluation of alternatives for management of residuals from a utility perspective. 

We hold monthly committee conference calls.

News & Highlights

PNCWA Members Prepare for National Residuals and Biosolids Conference in Seattle

This year’s national Residual and Biosolids Conference is taking place in Seattle, Washington, from April 8-11. Many members from the PNCWA Residuals & Biosolids Committee are attending and involved as conference organizers, presenters, and moderators. “The committee is taking advantage of this opportunity to participate more than we could at a more distant conference,” says Susan Hildreth, PNCWA Residuals & Biosolids Committee Chair. “We’re having an unusually good turnout at a national conference because it’s local.” PNCWA is also cohosting a Friends of Biosolids Reception at the Museum of Pop Culture (pictured left) on opening night of the conference—and tickets are still available! Continue Reading—

Specialty "Future of Biosolids & Bioenergy" Conference in April 2017

Kick off reception hosted by PNCWA - Friends of Biosolids Reception on April 8 at the Museum of Pop Culture kicks off the conference. Sponsor or attend this networking event. Reception information

The committee is currently cooperating with the WEF Residuals and Biosolids Committee on the development of a specialty conference on residuals and biosolids management.  The conference is titled “The Future of Biosolids and Bioenergy” and is scheduled for April 8-11, 2017 in Seattle.  Abstracts have already been submitted and committee members will be involved in evaluating abstracts and providing on-site support for the conference. Conference details and registration here.


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Susan Hildreth, Chair
King County