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PNCWA, the PNCWA Annual Conferences, and PNCWA Young Professional events are known for their professional networking, superb water quality training and popular social events. PNCWA invites you to join us online and in the media of your choice! Lets have a conversation about Water Quality plus keep abreast of all the latest opportunities, event coverage and photos.

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Our Twitter stream connects our industry partners, top news, and many water-related events. Plus catch live tweets from the Annual Conference and Exhibit and other events.


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PNCWA will be adding Google+ in mid 2016. Circles and google docs sharing features will enable better communication for our members and committees. Stay tuned!

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Candids and professional coverage of PNCWA’s premiere events can all be found on Flickr. Click here to see photos from our most popular events. Please contact PNCWA for details on photo use on non-PNCWA materials!


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PNCWA's New Website Phases Explained is undergoing major've noticed!

1. ► There are three phases to the update - here is the explanation.
2. ► How will these updates affect me?
3. ► Does my opinion matter? Can I give suggestions?

◼︎ Copy marked with a “◼︎” means general information you may find helpful
 Copy marked with a “►” means activity is still happening on the website in some manner and/or how you may request assistance or provide feedback.

Phase 1 Description: Phase 1 initiated on March 2 and you can now see the new design template and initial layout of menus. Key things about the new website design are:

◼︎ It works on your phone, tablet, pad, or desktop. With more and more people using their phones this “responsive” design template makes more usable and user friendly.
◼︎ The menu layouts and the pages are both simplified. Making information easy to find and easy to read when you get there was a key goal.
◼︎ The color choices are chosen specifically for an easier on the eye experience.
◼︎ Type style choices are likewise chosen for simplicity and easy reading.
◼︎ FYI a group of PNCWA volunteers worked through last summer and into the fall and winter to get this new website underway, and choosing the overall responsive template was their first important decision!
► Work remaining on phase 1 includes standardization of typestyles on all page. You may see differences in typestyles on some pages until this is accomplished.
► Phase 1 does not include finalization of navigation and menu choices. Be prepared to see some menu items changing locations and some new menu choices and other major new features during this phase. See Phase 2 for more on menus and navigation. 
► Phase 1 is still undergoing assigning new picture headers to the correct pages. The "hero" image that extends form edge to edge of your screen will remain only on the home page,
► If you can’t find what you are looking for on the website, email and he will help.

Phase 2 Description: Phase 2 is scheduled for completion on June 15. It consists of a lot of things you won't see on the public website but rest assured, the PNCWA Website Committee and the Communications Liaisons for the PNCWA Committees are working hard to get content updated and expanded, and a slew of new features ready to implement. Key things happening in Phase 2 include:

◼︎ Website Committee has established “Lead” committee members in four different areas. Leads are gathering information from the Committee Communication Liaisons, PNCWA staff, the PNCWA Strategic Communications Plan and outside resources (i.e. other MA sites, similar professional organizations) regarding their respective topics. They attend bi-weekly Website Committee meetings and report back as information is gathered.
◼︎ PNCWA Committees have, from this point forward, "Communications Liaisons." The role of a Communications Liaison is to be the key contact for information sharing and communication with PNCWA's Communication Committee and with PNCWA staff for the general purpose of publishing information to media, including the website.
◼︎ The "Leads" within the Website Committee are responsible for (1) Content Catalog Development, (2) Social Media Utilization, (3) External Website Resource Identification, and (4) Editorial Workflow Planning
◼︎  Each Lead (and their work group) within the Website Committee is determining and prioritizing content and features based upon input from Communication Liaisons, the PNCWA Strategic Communications Plan and PNCWA staff (i.e. committee information, conference presentations; outreach tools; social media). They are also researching other WEF MA sites, and other professional membership sites to find examples of how particular kinds of content might be delivered. 
◼︎  An Editorial workflow plan and recurring update and maintenance schedule is being developed to insure updates to content are timely, and that Committee and PNCWA member input is accounted for on a regular basis.
◼︎ PNCWA Committees, through their Communications Liaisons are being provided the tools through a 2 phase initiative, to have direct control of information on, and related to, their own webpages.

Phase 3 Description: Phase 3 is scheduled for completion on July 1. It consists of launching the new and as of that date mature with updated content navigation, and features. The Committee Communications Liaisons will be fully engaged and new features will be implemented.

◼︎ Some of the new features that are planned consist of a common application and evaluation system for PNCWA Scholarships, the PNCWA Awards Program, and the Adopt-a-School program. 
◼︎ PNCWA Committees have, from this point forward, "Communications Liaisons." The role of a Communications Liaison is to be the key contact for information sharing and communication with PNCWA's Communication Committee and with PNCWA staff for the general purpose of publishing information to media, including the website.

How do these updates affect you or members and users of

◼︎ You may find information you are looking for has moved since your last visit. 
◼︎ You may find menu choices have changed names or locations. 
► Email for assistance in finding what you are looking for.

 Does my opinion matter? Can I give suggestions?

► Email to make suggestions or comments or to request the Website Committee consider adding a particular feature.

PNCWA, the PNCWA Communications and Outreach Committee, the PNCWA Website Committee and PNCWA staff are all committed to providing up to date information and features for members within a user friendly environment on To comment, Email