Emerging Technologies Committee Activities

Side Stream Treatment Workshop and Webinars
The committee sponsored the “Side Stream Treatment for Nutrient Removal and Recovery” workshop during the 2013 PNCWA Annual Conference, and hosted a follow-up webinar series in 2015 and 2016 to share perspectives from different struvite harvest systems in the region. The recycle flow, which is termed side stream, originating from dewatering of anaerobically digested solids in a wastewater treatment plant represents significant nitrogen and phosphorus contributions to the plant loads. Separate treatment of the side stream can be part of a solution that allows the plant to meet stringent nutrient limitations more efficiently and sustainably while encouraging nutrient recovery. Some innovative but proven side stream treatment technologies have gained recent interest and seen rapid developments. Installations of side stream treatment technologies in the Northwest region include struvite harvest systems in Boise, Idaho and Clean Water Services in Oregon.

  • Sidestream Treatment Webinar Series, 2015:
    • Sidestream Treatment ProcessDr. David Stensel
    • Anammox/DEMON at Chambers CreekDr. Henryk Melcer
    • Sidestream Treatment for Nutrient Removal and Recovery - Steve Walker  and John Fraser

Preconfernece Workshops starting 2017

2017 "Greenhouse Gas Emission Monitoring and Control: Policy, Practitioner, and Research Perspectives" Preconference Workshop

2018 “Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS) - An Innovation for Increased Performance and Capacity within Existing Footprint” Preconference Workshop