PNCWA Summit Series: In Their Own Words

From the PNCWA 2020 Conference Chairs

If this were a normal year, instead of penning a letter to our membership, we’d be in Spokane kicking off PNCWA 2020. But, this is definitely not a normal year. As soon as last year’s conference ended, we were full speed ahead planning for this year’s event in Spokane. It soon became more and more apparent that the annual conference we all know and love wouldn’t be possible this year. Like all of our other plans for 2020, after much consideration and deliberation, we finally made the tough call to cancel. Eliminating risk to the health, safety, and well-being of our membership stood at the center of that decision.

So, now what? 

Now, we pivot. With a trove of excellent abstracts and dedicated committee members, we decided to leverage the content into something else entirely. What resulted is a chance to start providing you with virtual educational offerings throughout the year, to supplement the CEUs and PDHs that so many of you count on at the conference each year. 

We’re pleased to introduce PNCWA’s Summit Series to you this fall! Kicking off the series is our Communications Summit on September 30. We plan to offer one Summit a month between now and February, each covering a different topic and championed by one of PNCWA’s committees. Don’t expect these to go away after the beginning of the year, though. Canceling the conference enabled us to look towards building our online educational library. It took stepping outside of what we normally do to get here. Ultimately, being able to diversify the content we provide to you strengthens our organization. Do you have ideas for other Summits? If you do, we want to hear them! 

For the many of you who used the in-person conference to boost your company’s marketing efforts and also support PNCWA’S mission, sponsorship opportunities are available for the Summit Series. 

Thanks again for bearing with us, and we hope you share in our excitement about the Summit Series. Don’t forget to reach out to the committees you were planning to join during the conference. They’re still going strong and need dedicated people like you to keep them moving forward. It’s been a pleasure to work with the Board and the entire team that makes PNCWA possible. 

Onwards and Upwards!
Brittany Burch
Eleanor Ott

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