Membership and Programs

PNCWA is made up of nearly 1,500 Water quality Professionals. Learn about our dedicated members, volunteers, Sections and Regions, and the many programs we support.

About PNCWA - Learn about our Association’s purpose, members, Regions and Sections, and about our parent organization, the Water Environment Federation (WEF).

Governance & Records - Here you can find PNCWA’s Constitution and Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and other important documents.

PNCWA Board - We are a not-for-profit governed by a Board of Directors; meet the dedicated people who make up our Board here.

Membership - Learn how to become a PNCWA member, and receive full benefits including training, conferences, resources and publications.

Sponsorship - Find out how your organization can be recognized as an ongoing sponsor and supporter of PNCWA.

Regions & Sections - Four Regions of the Pacific Northwest form the link between the Sections and the PNCWA Board of Directors. Learn more here.

Programs - PNCWA supports a variety of programs for our members and the larger water quality field. Learn more about them here. 

Contact PNCWA - Contact our Association Managers, volunteer Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, and Section Presidents.