Collections Systems Committee

The Collections Systems Committee (CSC) facilitates the advancement of standards and methods used for the design, construction, operations, maintenance, and management of wastewater collection systems in the Pacific Northwest.

We have presented collections workshops and webinars such as Effective Sewer Line Cleaning, submitted articles to the PNCWA Newsletter including the Fall 2015 Newsletter which focused on Collection Systems, and sponsored collections systems tracks during the Annual Conference.

We meet quarterly to conduct committee business.

News & Highlights

Explaining Collections Systems: No Pipes, No Plants

"Collection systems" refers to the system of underground pipes and maintenance structures that are used to convey wastewater to a wastewater treatment facility. The use of collection systems has brought dramatic improvements to public health in major cities. Most sewers carry wastes from households and commercial establishments and are referred to as sanitary sewers. EPA estimates approximately 500,000 miles of publicly owned sanitary sewers with a similar expanse of privately owned sewer systems. Continue—see for yourself!



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Eddie Speer, Chair
CDM Smith