Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (5 S)

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The Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers is sanctioned by PNCWA but is directed by the members of the Society. The Society gives recognition PNCWA members who have contributed to PNCWA but do not qualify for or have not received other honorary awards or have not served as PNCWA officers. Past receipt of other awards does not preclude membership in the Society. The Society supports PNCWA activities as deemed suitable by the Society, with the approval by the Board. Society members select the nominees. A nominee must be an active member of PNCWA. Honorary membership may be extended to non-members at the discretion of the Society for significant contribution to WEF and the profession of environmental engineering. (Example: The WEF President attending the PNCWA conference.) The Chair or "pH7" of the Society conducts the induction of new Society members at the annual conference.
Inductees by year:
2008 Kennewick
Michele Burkhart
Ed Gilmore
Rick Shanley
David Stensel
Preston Van Meter
Adam Zabinski
2007 Vancouver
Celeste Vialet
Kay Hust
Vic Coles            
Nate Cullen           
2006 Coeur d’Alene
Sheri Wantland
DeAnna Windh
Brad Musick
Bob McDaniel
Dan Laffitte
2005 Tacoma
Steve James
Heather Earnheart
Brian Hemphill
Larry Bennett
Jim Peterson
Bob Jarski
Lynn Orphan
2004 Seaside          
Max Hildebrand
Debra Gorman
Jeff Young
2003 Boise
Cynthia Bratz
John Harrison
Dawn Hanthorn
George Kneese
John Lewis
John Shawcroft
2002 Yakima
Jim Clark
Sue Lawrence
Chuck Loeffel
Jim Fleming
Ron Moeller
Lynn Moser
Paul Schuler
2001 Bend
Al Prouty
Larry Annen
Sue Baumgartner
Heather Stephens
Jim Penkert
Bud Ruther
2000 Coeur d’Alene
Dale Thayer
Mark Walter
1999 Bellevue
Raymond Hyde
William D. Harlan
Daria Wightman
Lynne Chicoine
Dale Richwine
Keith Chapman
1998 Portland
Mark Ronayne
John Poppe
Ed Griffenberg
1997 Seattle
Richard Bishop
Jim Croft
Dave Hufford
1996 Boise
Steve Wilson
Carl Jones
1995 Eugene
Mike Myers
Linda Kelly
1994 Spokane
J. Michael Read
1993 Seattle
Jerry McMackin
1992 Boise
Owen Boe
Doug Berschauer
1991 Portland
Irene Wall
Dick Finger
Fred Rowe
1989 Eugene
Don Caldwell
Woodie Muirhead
Gordon Nicholson
1988 Coeur d'Alene
Holly Ploetz
Diane Hickman
Tom Johnson
Shirley Rollins
1987 Spokane
Tim Neketin
Norva Sobota
1986 Portland
Dave Wilson
Tom Kolby
Dan Leonard
1985 Seattle
Patricia Brown
Skip Harlen
Emil Benz
Bill Hoagland
1984 Eugene
Donna Heppell
Gale Olrich
John Squires
Waite Dalrymple
1983 Boise
Mike Mathews
Robert Hall
Mike Gann
Doug Christensen
Gerald Calkins
1982 Vancouver, BC
Surinder Bhagat
Stan LeSieur
Carl Andresen
James Felton
Paul Klopping
William Funk
1981 Portland
Ralph Baggerly
Chuck Zickefoose
Ed Sironen
Tom Krumsick
1980 Seattle
Carl Carlson
Art Reisdorf
Karen Maust
Tom Binford
Ed Lynd
Jack Irvin
1979 Spokane
Forrest Butler
George Mason
Marvin Daniels  
Howard Harris
Gary Towell
Warren Westgarth
Clarence Ortman

Contact Info

Thomas (Bud) Ruther, Chair
CH2M (City of Walla Walla)