PNCWA & WEF Student Design Competition


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Eleanor Key, PNCWA Student Design Competition Coordinator
WA Dept of Ecology
2017 Guidelines for PNCWA Student Design Competition





2015 PNCWA Student Design Competition Winners: University of Idaho

Left: University of Idaho Student Design Team took 2nd Place honors at WEFTEC15. Meet them and check out their presentation at PNCWA2015 also. Team members presenting at WEFTEC were Eric Hughes, Sharon Strom, and Derek L. Probst.



WEF Student Design Competition 2016

WEF Resources here

The winner of the PNCWA Student Design Competition will be supported to compete at WEFTEC2016

Lauren Zuravnsky, Design Competition Sub-Committee Chair -►   
Caroline Pakenham, WEF Staff - ►

The competition began in 2002 and was developed to provide a forum at WEFTEC to showcase the capabilities of students studying environmental engineering.  Through sponsorship of this event, student Design Teams compete for award money.  In 2009, this event  expanded to host two competitions:

(1) Wastewater Design (W) - intended to include the traditional wastewater design projects, e.g. hydraulic capacity design, upgrades to existing systems, biosolids handling, etc.

(2) Environmental Design (E) - intended to include the current contemporary engineering topics, e.g. sustainability, water reuse, wetland construction, etc..