From the Newsfeed: By Operators for Operators: A New Training Toolkit to Prep for Exams

A new series of books from the Water Environment Federation gives operators a comprehensive, up-to-date and learner-friendly presentation of wastewater treatment processes.

There’s always demand for high-quality wastewater operator training materials. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is answering the call with a new series of three Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals books, envisioned as “training for the operator of the future.”

The books and their online counterparts are designed to help operators prepare for certification exams and qualify for continuing education credits. The material is fully up-to-date and peer-reviewed, and it draws on the expertise of hundreds of water-quality professionals.

The first book in the series, Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals I: Liquid Treatment, was released last fall. Besides the basics of liquid treatment processes, the book covers critical aspects of biological treatment, nutrient removal, and disinfection in significant depth. It aims to help operators prepare for the first three certification levels. Continue

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From the Newsfeed: 2019 PNCWA Mentoring Program Announcement

We would like to invite you to participate in the 2019 PNCWA Mentoring Program. This program was developed to encourage experienced professionals (mentors) in our area to pass on their knowledge and experience to young professionals (protégés). Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the online survey:
    1. BOTH mentors AND protégés need to complete the survey.
    2. Please complete the survey by January 18, 2019. We will start pairing teams the end of January.
    3. Please note that the survey can be completed at any point during the year, so you can still participate in the program if you miss the survey deadline. Continue

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