Awards Committee

The Awards Committee promotes the mission of PNCWA by recognizing the achievements of our members. We meet monthly to manage the process of requesting, obtaining, and reviewing nominations for 14 awards (a combination of individual and project/facility-based). We select the award recipients and then collaborate with the conference organizers to announce the winners at the PNCWA Annual Conference.


Get Involved

Joining our committee provides the opportunity to get to know some really great PNCWA members on a personal level through your work on the committee. You also get to learn about great personal and team efforts being performed by members across our geography and across different topics/areas of focus that you would not otherwise have. Most importantly, giving out awards is an awesome experience. Check out our latest news, our stellar awards program, nominate someone, or better yet, join today! 

Learn more about the awards program or nominate someone here. 


Aaron Duke, Chair
Hazen and Sawyer