Students and Young Professionals Committee

The Students and Young Professionals (S&YP) Committee provides students and young professionals (S&YP) in the clean water industry with opportunities to gain leadership experience and network with peers. The WEF definition of a young professional (YP) is “Any person who considers himself/herself to be relatively new to the water quality industry and is 35 years old or younger,” but all those interested are welcome to join us.

We co-sponsor an annual “Young Professional Summit” with the YPs of the American Water Works Association, organize an annual design competition for college students, provide support to the local section S&YP groups, share ideas, and provide feedback to the PNCWA Board as to the needs of the younger members. Additionally, we plan S&YP events at the Annual Conference and aid in fundraising or community service events. We also coordinate PNCWA's mentorship program for members, to encourage mentors to pass on their wealth of knowledge and experience to help protégés develop valuable professional goals.  Learn more and get involved with the mentoring program by clicking here.

We meet once a month via conference call to outline the objectives for the following weeks.

News & Highlights

The PNCWA Mentoring Program is happening!

The survey for participating as either a mentor and/or protégé in the PNCWA Mentoring Program is up and running! The first batch of matches will be made for those who respond by February 21, 2020.  Visit the Mentoring webpage for more information and the survey link.  Below are positive feedbacks from last years’ program.  We look forward to another rewarding year. 
From a protégé: “The PNCWA Mentoring Program helped me to learn more about our industry. It was good to learn from another point of view and hear the experiences of my mentor. Thank you PNCWA for this helpful program.”
► From a mentor: “This program did a great job in matching me with a protégée who was in a similar field enabling, us to find a common ground quickly and even partner on a business opportunity!”
► From a mentor: “This is a great way to get to know young engineers and gain insights from them while sharing your own experience.”

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Contact Info

Andrew Matsumoto, Chair