Documents & Forms for Volunteers

PNCWA Constitution and Bylaws (2009) 

PNCWA Policies and Procedures (approved 06-16-2017)

Committee Guidelines, excerpted from Policies and Procedures

Reimbursement Form

Strategic Plan Worksheets & Priorities

PNCWA Budget 2020

PNCWA Board current Work Plan

Volunteer Leader Contact list

Committee Communications Liaisons

Committee Chair Orientation (beta version, 4-4-16)

Committee Reporting Short Form

PNCWA Volunteer Responsibilities (Whenever participating in a committee or other volunteer activity, members are acting as representatives of PNCWA and have certain legal responsibilities!)

Committee Self Evaluation Tool (More ideas available at ►

Committee Leadership matrix  (WEF example)

Roberts Rules of Order (basic motions)

PNCWA YouTube Channel (webinars, video presentations)