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The WAVE Program engages students and emerging professionals from diverse backgrounds in the water industry through a series of skills-building workshops and attendance at the PNCWA Annual Conference, with the goal of empowering participants to contribute to the future of water through creating a sense of belonging, developing skills, and opportunities. The program consists of a five-part workshop series focusing on the water/wastewater industry, networking, skills development, employment opportunities, and professional presentation experiences. WAVE participants have a unique opportunity to learn from water and wastewater leaders across the Pacific Northwest, practicing critical leadership and communication skills, and developing a strong network of peers and mentors over the course of the year, culminating in presentations at the PNCWA Annual Conference.



2023 WAVE Cohort at the PNCWA Annual Conference in Tacoma, WA


Program Background

The WAVE Program was initially launched as InFLOW (Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water) by PNCWA in 2019, modeled after the WEF program. The goal of InFLOW was to engage underrepresented groups in the form of sponsorship to attend the annual conference and the initial cohort sent 11 participants to PNCWA2019 in Portland, OR. Building off the successes and lessons learned, PNCWA continued in its mission to empower future leaders of the water industry and build a more diverse and inclusive world. Since 2019, the program has continued to grow and evolve, rebranding in 2023 to the WAVE Program and sending a record number of 15 participants to the Annual Conference in Tacoma, WA!

WAVE Flyer

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2024 WAVE Cohort 

Learn more about the 2024 WAVE participants through their monthly blog posts!

Ana Haines
Andrew Smith
Carson Beckman
Catherine Tran
Cody Brooks
Curtis Anderson
Faron Bienville
Georgina Mukwirimba
Himanshu Sail
Markesha Annand
Marlia (Mia) Hills
Maxwell LaCosse
Mohammud Tilmo
Theresa Passe
Victor Garcia-Pinon


Here's What People Say About the Program:

Taking my first step transitioning from academia to industry through PNCWA's WAVE program was such an invaluable experience. I was impressed by the friendliness of all the people and truly revitalized by the open heart for cooperation and knowledge-sharing between the companies and the people in this industry.” – “Jacky” Chen Xu

The PNCWA Conference was the first professional conference I attended, and I was very honored to be part of this with the WAVE cohort. It was a unique experience seeing how many people in our community care about having clean water for future generations and this was also a very fun opportunity to network with no pressure.” – Francisco Jimenez III
The WAVE program was a great opportunity to build connections within the PNCWA community. At the conference, it was very rewarding to be at the table with experienced professionals in the water industry and not only learn from them but also have our voices heard. I hope to continue to be a part of the PNCWA community and help future WAVE cohorts.” – Anukriti Shah


WAVE Subcommittee

The WAVE Program is coordinated by a subcommittee of the PNCWA Member Services Committee. This subcommittee manages applications, organizes program workshops, and conference travel coordination, as well as supports the WAVE cohort participants throughout the year. The WAVE program is a PNCWA initiative that strives to identify promising students and young professionals from underrepresented backgrounds who are interested in careers in the water industry. By joining this committee, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the next generation of our workforce and share your knowledge to help provide a seamless transition into the industry for our future leaders!
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We are offering PNCWA members and organizations the opportunity to further the future of water by sponsoring the WAVE cohort’s attendance at the PNCWA Annual Conference! We hope to foster a connection between current members and these emerging professionals. Donors will be invited to celebrate the participants at the WAVE closing ceremony at the conference.
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