PNCWA is part of WEF!


PNCWA is the preeminent state association dedicated to education, dissemination of technical and scientific information, increased public understanding, and promotion of sound public laws and programs in water resources and related environmental fields in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

PNCWA Vision Statement: The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association is a vibrant community sustaining healthy watersheds for future generations.

PNCWA Mission Statement: Be the premier association in the Northwest dedicated to educating and connecting members to promote a healthy water environment in our region.

Membership: Our membership includes environmental, civil, and chemical engineers, educators, biologists, chemists, government officials, treatment plant managers and operators, laboratory analysts, equipment manufacturers and distributors, and students and young professionals involved in wastewater collection and treatment, stormwater management, and related fields.

There are over 1500 individual members, and the majority of those are members of ► WEF and PNCWA jointly. ► Membership in PNCWA is through membership in ► WEF, with the exception that certified Operators involved in day-to-day operations and regulators are eligible for ► "PNCWA only" membership at a reduced price.

Water Environment Federation

PNCWA is one of 75 global Member Associations that collectively, form a federation of like-purpose organizations called the Water Environment Federation. WEF is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization of 35,000 individual members. And while WEF is the parent organization, it is through the member associations like PNCWA that the members are served.

WEF's job since 1928 has been to provide you with the best opportunities and mechanisms you need to learn, lead, transfer knowledge, and advocate for clean water. Through our guiding principles of Leadership, Stewardship, Collaboration, Integrity, and Passion, WEF helps to promote best practices in the water field, showcase our sector’s cutting-edge technologies, and drive innovative approaches to sustainable water management. Though WEF maintains a full-time staff, the majority of the work is carried out by volunteers, people like yourself—professionals who care about the environment, who care about their community, and who care about their profession.

As the resource for the water quality profession, WEF provides its members with the latest technical information on water quality and technology, cost-cutting design and implementation strategies, U.S. EPA enforcement activities, and time-saving certified operations training. (WEF Member Directory (login required)

PNCWA Regions & Sections

Regions within PNCWA and the PNCWA-sponsored Sections within the Regions are independent organizations with their own governance and are recognized and chartered by PNCWA.

Four Regions form the link between the Sections and the PNCWA Board of Directors. The Regions are Idaho, Oregon, Eastern Washington, and Western Washington. Each Region is represented by a Regional Director who serves on the PNCWA Board of Directors.

Independent local PNCWA Sections are active in each of the four regions, providing training and networking to meet the needs and interests of the area. Please see the list of active Sections within each state or Region by going to Regions and Sections.

Please contact PNCWA for more information at [email protected].