Utility Management Committee 

The PNCWA Utility Management Committee (UMC) is charged with cultivating and disseminating best practices in utility management internally to members and externally to stakeholders with an emphasis on fostering PNCWA’s vision of clean, sustainable watersheds for future generations.

The committee enables this through workshops, webinars, monthly meetings, and information sharing, with topics ranging from asset management to finances and rate setting.


News & Highlights

Utility Management Committee Pushing Ahead on Multiple Fronts

The new Utility Management Committee is moving forward with key issues of interests in finance, asset management, knowledge retention, and more.

Among the items currently explored by members includes the creation of a Pacific Northwest – specific asset management data resource. The purpose of this resource would be to provide location-relevant, benchmark-worthy, management data for utilities to utilize in making improved management decisions.

Another key item moving forward involves learning more about the nexus between asset management and resiliency planning. Other members are working on the development of a small-utility guide for asset management.

Using Trello to Manage a Geographically Diverse Team

Members of the Utility Management committee cover Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Finding a space to share ideas, keep track of communications, and set deadlines can be a challenge.

Members of the committee decided to use Trello as a tool for collaboration. The team is studying how this is helping to improve collaboration and is currently using it to track various team initiatives.


Contact Info

Eric Habermeyer, Chair