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Hot July Webinars

Emerging Technologies 2015 Webinar series: Sidestream Treatment

Sidestream Nitrogen Removal: Case Studies webinar 
Cost: PNCWA members no cost; nonmembers $90.00. 0.1 CEUS requested*
July 7, 2015. 12:00 noon - 1:30 PM Pacific

Rick Kelly, Brown and Caldwell, Moderator
Steve Walker, Carollo Engineers
Henryk Melcer, Brown and Caldwell
Jennifer Coker, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Assistant Moderator

This workshop continues our series on sidestream treatment with case-study overviews of two different nitrogen/ammonia sidestream removal technologies. 

In the first presentation, Steve Walker (Carollo Engineers) will present an overview of the installation of centrate and RAS re-aeration basins (CaRRB) to treat the nitrogen-rich centrate from dewatering at the Robert W Hite Treatment Facility in Denver Colorado. 

In the second presentation, Dr. Henryk Melcer (Brown and Caldwell) will present an overview of the DEMON pilot system operated at the Chambers Creek Regional WWTP in Pierce County, WA.  This pilot was one of the first and largest pilot studies to evaluate an anaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX) technology in the United States.


Asset Management Webinar July 8, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Pacific

Cost: PNCWA members no cost; nonmembers $90.00. 0.2 CEUS requested*


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Learn more at the PNCWA Plant Operations and Maintenance Committee webpage.


Ryen Tarbet, Cityworks, Moderator
Richard Ludlow, Oaklodge Sanitary District, “Leveraging CMMS Data for Managing Assets”
Juston Manville, HDR, “Operations; the Front Line in your Strategic Asset Management Plan”
Jason Winter, City of Kitchner, ON, “Leveraging CMMS Data for Managing Assets”  
Leveraging CMMS Data for Managing Assets
Richard’s presentation will discuss OLSD’s recent experience with a major construction project where staff were repurposed as needed to assist.  One unanticipated consequence was falling behind on a 2009 goal for cleaning and inspecting the collection system.  Using maintenance data, Rich worked with staff set goals and monitor production to get things back on track. Data is only worth collection when it helps  make decisions that move toward improvements. 
Operations; the Front Line in your Strategic Asset Management Plan
Juston’s presentation will address the following topic areas—Operators are continuously performing condition assessments on your system. Thus data captured by operators is meaningful and provides a common operating picture for the utility enabling the following: CIP Project Prioritization; Maintenance Strategies; Mandated Reporting.
Embracing Operational & Maintenance Data to Influence Data-driven Decisions.
Jason’s presentation will address the following topic areas: Drivers that support the true adoption of Asset Management Programs within the municipal sector; The City’s journey towards data management; Tools and techniques to achieve more effective data-driven decisions; "Where the journey is taking us."


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As a membership organization, PNCWA understands the value of member engagement and using the collective knowledge of an entire profession to further its mission of improving water quality around the world. Over 200 PNCWA members  participate in PNCWA committee activities, and help develop conference programs, develop training materials and program content, and many other PNCWA program activities.

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PNCWA  Position Papers:

PNCWA, through the hard worwk and expertise of its technical committees has been developing a series of Position Papers. Look for more, but here is a recent one on Climate Change.


PNCWA Position Paper: Climate Change (2015)

Climate Change Resiliency and Action for PNCWA Members
PNCWA’s mission statement includes promoting the advancement of science and technology needed to protect human health and the environment. Climate change is a profound challenge that directly impacts human health and the environment. This position paper summarizes information about climate change resiliency and action for PNCWA members.

PNCWA’s Position
Climate change is dramatically altering the world’s water environment, as evidenced through changing precipitation patterns, more severe droughts and floods, reduced mountain snowpack, more variability in streamflow, rising sea levels, and degraded water quality. PNCWA believes it is critical for local utilities and the water sector to responsibly manage water resources in our communities in order to minimize the impacts of climate change on the reliable water supply and water quality.  PNCWA also believes it is vital for the water/wastewater sector to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through reasonable energy conservation and renewable energy projects. Download and read the complete position paper on Climate Change.




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