Utility Management Committee 

The PNCWA Utility Management Committee (UMC) is charged with cultivating and disseminating best practices in utility management internally to members and externally to stakeholders with an emphasis on fostering PNCWA’s vision of clean, sustainable watersheds for future generations.

The committee enables this through workshops, webinars, monthly meetings, and information sharing, with topics ranging from asset management to finances and rate setting.

News & Highlights

#PNCWA2017 Preconference  Workshop in Effective Utility Management 
This workshop will highlight the value and importance of effective utility management (EUM) based on the Attributes of Effectively Managed Utilities and Keys to Management Success as endorsed by the Water Environment Federation, AWWA, EPA and several other leading associations. The goal of this workshop will be to familiarize participants with the steps needed to implement EUM and support utility initiatives that encourage sustainability, efficiency and goal attainment. It is simple, actionable and scalable to meet the needs of all utilities. Register here, and see complete conference brochure, and learn more about preconference workshops here.

Interview with Committee Chair David Gordon
"Whether we know it or not, everyone in our industry does some level of utility management. Understanding our role in that management process—and how important it is to meeting our customer needs and meeting our future challenges—is vital for our generation and it's how we meet the challenges we're going to be facing." Read more from committee chair David Gordon in this interview about our new committee—and how to get involved. 


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David Gordon, Chair
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