Plant Operations and Maintenance Committee

The Plant Operations and Maintenance Committee (POMC) supports programs to promote the understanding of facility activities, including those related to the operation, maintenance, and management practices of wastewater treatment and reclamation facilities.

We have actively produced webinars, developed pre-conference workshops, sponsored technical sessions at the Annual Conference, coordinated with other association committees, and routinely produce “What Works” articles for the PNCWA Newsletter. Two webinars were put on by the POMC in 2016. One webinar was on Asset Management while the other dealt with Cyber-Security.

We hold monthly conference calls to conduct committee business.

News & Highlights

Emerging Technologies in Instrumentation

A pre-conference workshop on Emerging Technologies in Instrumentation was held at the Annual Conference in 2016 by the POMC. Attendees learned some methods to mitigate the inherent risks in pursuing some leading-edge technologies that were selected for the workshop and also learned how to communicate with manufacturers about partnerships in developing new instrumentation technologies.

Treatment Plants Achieve Energy Independence

The goal of achieving energy independence at Water Resource Recovery Facilities has been pursued for a number of years.  This is an area where the POMC, as well as other PNCWA committees, and WEF have been growing interest.  To achieve this goal, the focus has been on both energy conservation and on-site energy generation involving co-generation, solar panels, and wind power.  Increasing the potential for co-generation has been a major area of interest and the POMC presented a webinar on the topic in September of 2014. WEF has produced publications, including an Energy Roadmap, discussing how to approach both energy savings and production. The City of Gresham, Oregon wastewater treatment plant, which was presented in our 2014 webinar, has recently achieved energy independence; watch a video on the net zero plant here.

Contact Info

Molly Du, Chair