Environmental Stewardship Scholarship

This scholarship is available for applicants intending to pursue a career in the water environment field. Three scholarships will be awarded, normally valued at $1,200-$1,500 each, with emphasis on both 2-year and 4-year degrees. At least one scholarship award will be given to a PNCWA member or a member’s family member.

Environmental Stewardship Scholarship Requirements

  • The applicant must enroll as a full-time college student (by September of the award year) that allows them to pursue a professional career (e.g., engineer, operator, lab analyst) in the water environment field.
  • Applicant may be attending or accepted to enroll in either a 2 or 4-year institution and be pursuing either Associates, Bachelors, and/or Master’s degrees (If you are a high school senior who had not yet been accepted at a program you must provide the names of the programs to which you have applied.)
  • Official proof or transcript of grades from high school or college.
  • Essay on career goals related to the water environment.
  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation—one must be from a teacher or professor, the other must be from someone not related to the applicant.
  • Examples of volunteer community service and/or extracurricular activities
  • Must be a U.S. citizen and a resident of Idaho, Oregon, or Washington
  • May be attending or plan to attend a school outside of Oregon, Washington or Idaho as long as permanent address (i.e. parent's address) is in Oregon, Washington, or Idaho.
  • May be attending a school within Oregon, Idaho, or Washington, and have completed at least one year at said school, and is or will be continuing at a school within Idaho, Washington, or Oregon, and has established a practical physical year round residence in one of the said states, even though student originally came from out of state, and parent still resides out of state. (Examples of practical year round residence means that the student does not return to an out of state home each summer, and instead continues to reside within the state such as for work when not in school. In conjunction with the requirement for having completed one year of school within one of the appropriate states, filing state taxes within Oregon, Washington, or Idaho; or having a driver license from Oregon, Washington, or Idaho are further examples of having established practical residency.

Environmental Stewardship Scholarship Selection Criteria

  • Career Objectives and Environmental Interest Essay
  • Academic Potential: Grade Point Average and type/difficulty of courses taken
  • Extracurricular Activities: Demonstrating leadership or participation in programs and organizations
  • Letters of Recommendation/Reference
  • Experience pertaining to or related to the water/wastewater/environmental field

Environmental Stewardship Scholarship Additional Information

  • Number of Awards: 3
  • Award Amount: $1,200-$1,500
  • Out of the three awards, one is reserved for an applicant where the applicant or an immediate family member of the applicant is a PNCWA member in good standing for at least one year.
  • For applicants who are prior award recipients, an additional Award Renewal essay is required.