PNCWA Mentoring Program for professional growth


PNCWA has a mentoring program that encourages its members to connect with and learn from one another. PNCWA provides a mentoring guide and matches mentors and protégés based on shared interests, profession, and region. The program gives mentors an opportunity to pass on their wealth of knowledge and experience to help protégés develop professional skills and goals. We are currently finishing up our 2017 program, and mentor/protégé teams are encouraged to meet up at the 2017 PNCWA Annual Conference in October.

The 2017 mentoring program survey is now open. We will begin pairing later this spring. After mentors and protégés are matched, they will confirm the selection, commit to their partnership, and then the mentoring can begin! Teams are encouraged to meet for at least an hour every other month. It is up to the mentor and protégé to determine what they would like to talk about and what they would like to develop (e.g., list of goals, career map).

Participate as a Mentor or a Protégé

►  Fill out the online survey

  • BOTH mentors AND protégés need to complete the survey.

    • Please complete the survey by May 1, 2017. We will start pairing teams soon after.

    • Please note that the survey can be completed at any point during the year, so you can still participate in the program if you miss the deadline. However, after the initial pairing, we won’t do another round (or rounds, depending on need) of pairing for a month or two (if we get additional respondents to the survey). Therefore, please complete the survey by May 1, 2017 if you’re interested in participating so you have as much of the year as possible to dedicate to the program.

  • Accept the mentor or protégé you’re paired with, or request a change, if desired.

  • Commit six hours of your time to meet as a team between April and the 2017 PNCWA Annual Conference in October.

  • You must be a member to participate! Learn more about membership here

►  Download and review the Mentoring Guide: PNCWA has developed this ► Mentoring Guide to help teams get the conversation going during their meetings. Mentoring meetings can cover any topic the teams like, but suggestions in the Mentoring Guide include technical skills, interpersonal skills, career path, and resumes. Mentoring teams are also encouraged to set goals during their first session to provide a roadmap for the year.
The mentoring program is just one of the many benefits of being a PNCWA member and presents a great opportunity for our members to connect with and learn from one another. Feedback has been positive over the past few years and we are passionate about continuing to make this program successful. So, if you’re interested in participating, please take the survey (link above) and we’ll get you paired up with a mentor or protégé.
Similar to last year, we’re encouraging mentoring teams to complete their sessions prior to the PNCWA Annual Conference in October. We’ll then release the survey for 2018 after the conference. The conference is also a great time to set up an in-person meeting if you have been communicating with your team member long distance.
Questions regarding the mentoring program can be directed to:
Chad Warren  ►
Ben Nelson  ►
Ellie Key  ►

Thank you for your participation. We’re looking forward to another great year!