Municipal Water Protection Award

The Municipal Water Protection Award recognizes a municipality or group of municipalities that have contributed to the control or prevention of water pollution problems through the construction of pollution abatement facilities or the equivalent. The goal of the award is to further reduce waste discharges below levels which create pollution and to further research and development on waste control or elimination including monitoring the influence of wastes on receiving water. Projects are awarded based on their ability to create public understanding and cooperation as well as the degree to which the project encourages improvements to municipal waste disposal practices and reporting. 

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Extent and Complexity of Problem: Is, or was, the damage or influence of wastes extensive in the affected area? How many people or resources were involved or affected? What is, or was, the position of the public on the problem?
  • Difficulty and Costs of Solution: Was the problem long-standing? Was the solution or effort without precedent, time-consuming or costly? Did it require extensive cooperative effort?
  • Results of Solution: What was the improvement in the quality of the receiving water? Did it lead to the construction or improvement of facilities? Did it provide encouragement or means to others to solve similar problems? Was the contribution or effort accepted?
  • Impact on Community: Economic and human impact of the contribution, solution or effort? Did it restore or improve resource values? Is it an aesthetic improvement? Did it stabilize or contribute to the economy and employment of the community?
  • Attitude of the Community: What is the overall attitude of the municipality toward its pollution problems? How is this attitude manifested? Has it faced and acknowledged the problem outright? Has it shared its problems with employees, associates and the public, seeking their help and understanding where necessary?
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Past PNCWA Recipients of the Municipal Water Protection Award

2023 LOTT Clean Water Alliance, WA
2022 King County, WA
2021 City of Sutherlin, Oregon
2019 Coeur d'Alene, ID and Nampa, ID
2018 City of Boise and King County
2014 Roseburg Urban Sanitary Authority
2013 Spokane Valley, WA
2012 Water Environment Services Clackamas County and City of Shelton, WA
2008 City of Burley ID/Veolia Water NA
2004 City of Marysville, WA; City of Port Orford, OR; City of Walla Walla, WA
2000 City of Caldwell, ID and City of Silverton, OR
1999 City of Gresham, OR
1998 City of McMinnville, OR
1997 Kootenai Regional Wastewater Coordinating Committee
1996 Unified Sewerage Agency
1995 City of Canby, OR
1994 City of Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID
1991 Spokane River Phosphorus Management Tech Advisory Committee
1990 Fremont County, ID
1989 Washington Regional Sludge Management Committee
1988 City of Medford, OR
1984 City of Hermiston, OR
1983 City of Lincoln City, OR
1982 City of Meridian, ID
1981 City of Woodburn, OR
1980 City of Pocatello, ID
1979 City of Wilsonville, OR
1978 Unified Sewerage Agency, OR
1977 South Fork Coeur d'Alene Sewer District, ID
1976 City of Boise, ID
1975 City of Hillsboro, OR
1974 City of Sumner, WA
1973 City of Medford, OR & Bear Creek Sanitary Authority
1972 City of Idaho Falls, OR
1971 City of The Dalles, OR
1970 City of Chehalis, WA
1968 City of Eugene, OR
1967 City of Nampa, ID
1966 City of Salem, OR
1965 Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, WA
1964 City of Twin Falls, ID
1963 City of Walla Walla, WA
1962 City of Springfield, OR