Proposed changes to PNCWA Constitution and Bylaws

Proposed changes to PNCWA Constitution and Bylaws

(See the changes in red in the context of the complete documents)

Summary of proposed changes to Constitution:

6.2.9 adds a Young Professional representative to the Board of Directors.

6.4.3 clarifies the responsibilities of the Executive Committee.

Summary of proposed changes to Bylaws: specifies when the Treasurer is required to present the results of the annual financial statement and an audit or review if conducted.

4.1.8through specifies the duties of the newly added Board of Directors position of  Young Professional Representative.

4.2.2 through 4.2.5 makes the term of office for the Treasurer three years instead of two, keeps the term of office for the Secretary at two years and the Federation Directors at three years, and sets the Young Professional Representative term at two years. clarifies the nomination process  for Board positions and is specific as to allowing for a Treasurer Elect.

6.1.2 excludes the President from serving on the Nominations Committee.

6.2.1 expands the possible make up of the Nominations Committee.

6.2.4 adds language to modernize the media used to solicit nominations.

6.4.2 and 6.4.3 clarifies the Audit Committee responsibilities and specifies when audits are required.

6.6.1 through 6.6.5 makes minor wording changes concerning Committee Chairs and Committee charters and sets the regular term of office for Committee Chairs to two years.

6.7 clarifies that Board approval is neede for Association publications.

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