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The Women of Water Summit is coming up next month, and the aquafficiency team is excited to hear from so many of our industry leaders! Of course, because we’re all about energy efficiency, we wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge and highlight some of the women who have done so much to help move the needle in wastewater facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our sponsorship is in honor of the women listed below, whose knowledge, hard work, and support of making wastewater treatment more energy efficient have saved millions of kilowatt-hours (not to mention dollars!) over the years. In alphabetical order (because you can’t rank superstars), they are:

  • Allison Grinczel, Snohomish PUD
  • Ana Arango, Jacobs
  • Angela Brown, City of Scappoose
  • Caitlin Dwyer, Lake Stevens Sewer District
  • Carol Nelson, King Co. Wastewater
  • Chanin Bays, Clackamas Co. WES
  • Chellie Jensen, Idaho Power
  • Courtney Krause, Jacobs - City of Vancouver
  • Corinne DeLeon, Seattle Public Utilities
  • Cyndy Bratz, Tetratech
  • Dawn Lesley, aquafficiency / Resource Innovations
  • Dayana Friedman, King Co. Wastewater
  • Ellen Ruotsala, Cascade Energy
  • Hallie Gallinger, Pacific Power
  • Heather Earnhart, Alderwood W/WW District
  • Jessica Tanumihardja, King Co. Wastewater
  • Joyful Tower, City of Everett
  • Kathryn Spencer, Clackamas Co. WES
  • Kayla Brown, Jacobs - City of Vancouver
  • Kristin Preston, City of Albany
  • Laurie Pierce, Pierce County
  • Lizzi Belmont, Cascade Energy
  • Megan Leigh, Cascade Energy
  • Miaomiao Zhang, Murraysmith
  • Pam Birkel, Cascade Energy
  • Pamela Randolph, City of Edmonds
  • Raenee Carlson, Rocky Mountain Power
  • Robyn Mattison, City of Boise
  • Sara York, Energy Smart Industrial / Cascade Energy
  • Shachi Thakur, King Co. Wastewater
  • Shannon Ostendorff, Lonza
  • Stacey Walker, King Co. Wastewater
  • Stephanie Eisner, aquafficiency / Cascade Energy (and Salem!)
  • Terri Prather, LOTT Clean Water Alliance
  • Thu Tran, Cascade Energy
  • Tracie Tran, Energy Trust of Oregon / Cascade Energy
  • Velma Zamora, Jacobs - City of Walla Walla
  • Wendy Waudby, aquafficiency / Cascade Energy
  • Zeecha Van Hoose, Clark PUD

Please send us an email to add other needle-movers to this list — we’ll be publishing it on LinkedIn and our website. Thank you!

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