Government Affairs Committee Update Jan/Feb 2020

The Federal Government wants to modernize procedures for implementing the National Environmental Policy Act—and the public comment period runs through March 10th. The 2020 Federal Budget passed both chambers of congress and has increased SRF funding and directives for exploring PFAs under CERCLA, read more here. Likewise, at the Supreme Court level, a case is being reviewed which will clarify regulations on point- and non-point source pollutants via groundwater to be finalized in June.

In regional news, a ruling was upheld by Washington State’s Supreme Court to charge a franchise fee for pipes in rights of way to water and sewer utilities, setting a precedent for others to follow suit, including Oregon. See more here. 

Our committee has now compiled several documents on PFAs including advice on sampling here. Two movies are also available over PFAS: “The Devil We Know” and “Dark Waters.”

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