PNCWA Newsletter



The PNCWA Newsletter is a full color quarterly publication that is received by all members. Issues are mailed to approximately 1500 individual professionals! Issues average 52 pages. Due dates for articles and artwork for advertising are Feb. 15, May 15, Aug. 1, and Nov. 15.


Send your articles, questions, comments or letters to the editor to the [email protected].


Information and contact info for advertising is Kathleen Pishotta, 888.371.4933, [email protected]. See the Media Kit here.

 Editorial Calendar Issue and Focus Topics

Winter 2017 Advances in Instrumentation Lab Analysis, Getting to Zero Nov 15
Spring 2018 Toxicity and Impacts Feb 15
Summer 2018 Tertiary Treatment May 15
Fall 2018 Community Engagement Aug 15

Samples of Recent Issues


Spring 2017
Focus:  Leadership and Mentoring


Spring 2014
Focus:  Green Infrastructure;  Stormwater

Summer 2014
Focus:  Automation;  Asset Management

Fall 2014

Winter 2014-2015


Spring Q1 2013
Focus:  Tertiary Treatment;  Disinfection

Summer Q2 2013
Focus:  Infrastructure Funding;

Fall Q3 2013
Focus:  Collections Systems; Trenchless Technology

Winter Q4 2013
Focus:  Climate Ready Water Utilities


Spring Q1 2012
Focus: Threats to Water Quality

Summer Q2 2012
Focus: Water's Worth It

Fall Q3 2012
Focus: Innovative and Alternative Technologies

Winter Q4 2012
Focus: Mentoring and Training


Spring Q1 2011
Focus: Meeting Nutrient Limits

Summer Q2 2011
Focus: Sustainability

Fall Q3 2011
Focus: Asset Management

Winter Q4 2011
Focus: Energy & Energy Recovery


Spring Q1 2010
Focus: Water Reuse

Summer Q2 2010
Focus: Biosolids

Fall Q3 2010
Focus: Watershed Management

Winter Q4 2010
Focus: Wet Weather Issues